So. Florida Return of Figurative Art

Using existing work of art is a tendency many picked up on at the recently opened “Duke Drake Ft. Lauderdale” exhibition at DukeDrake Art across from the Fort Lauderdale Arts performance center, a larger than usual number of figurative paintings are on view at this South Florida location this week. Perhaps this represents a turn away from the “The Toxic Legacy of Zombie Formalism” micro movement — a pejorative term for the intended to attract attention, publicity products that have been produced quickly and frequently by younger artists to satisfy the market’s taste. Or maybe it’s simply a new expanding wave change to flow in another direction. Whether the cause is more like a brand awareness or creative marketing, we can perhaps speculate this swing mood as an indication of a global shift that are happening or beginning to happen beyond the bubble of the art world.

We’ve single out two pieces in particular include strikingly spare, concise bodies drawn in gestural outlines: Mesmerized No.1 and Ace of Hearts; Duke’s latest work of art whose emotional depth somehow transcends the cosmos beyond earth.

Duke Drake, a painter who adds prevailing mood to all his figuratively 21st century concepts has significantly increased its focus on critical modern and figurative art. He has worked to broaden peoples’ awareness of the contemporary art world.

The human figure and face provide a powerful means to communicate emotion, expression, and narrative with a sensitive, naturalistic aesthetic. It is means for psychological exploration, release, allegory and social comment.

Duke Drake is a painter whose goal is to let the work speak for itself and to let viewers be guided by their own observations and conclusions rather than his personal image.

The artist’s ideas are embedded in recurring symbols, graphic elements and discernible figuration. Represented within a pulsating universe, they express a cogent philosophy echoing a Miltonian sense of free will.

Check out Duke Drake’s paintings.